10 Things to do in Berlin

There is so much to see and do but if you’re going for a short trip here are some things that i squeezed into my 7-day-stay:

  1. The swimming pool in the river. Formally known as ‘Badeschiff’. Complete with beach bar and live music, It’s a definite must do. When I went it was freezing cold but hopefully you’ll be more lucky.
  2. Get on a Tour Bus and see the sites. I’d recommend one of the deals where you get to spend time in each place and hop on and off the bus of your own free will. This means you get a flavour of what there is and if you think there is more you want to explore in a certain area you know to visit it the next day.
  3. In the dark restaurant or ‘Unsicht-Bar’. Some people will think this is the coolest thing ever, some will think ‘why pay to sit in the dark’. Personally i thought it was brilliant. I experienced my food more and it was bloody delish (i ate with my hands, fearful that i would send my food flying if i used cutlery, yep it was that good.) At first it was really weird and a bit eerie, then when i relaxed into it, i loved the freedom of just being in the dark. It was also a laugh as i kept moving the bread and blaming my friend. Our waitress Sandy (cue us shouting ‘Oh Sandy where for art thou Sandy’) was super lovely as well.
  4. Berlin wall. Obviously. The city is now so far removed from that once so regimented, awful dictatorship,  it is beautiful to see all the urban art on the wall which represents freedom and equality.  The guards standing at Checkpoint Charlie are really canny too.
  5. The Berlin Tower restaurant. The ride up in the lift feels like what the elevator on Charlie and the Chocolate Factory looks like. Once your up there though its totally worth it. The view is spec-tac-u-larrrr. We got cocktails and looked out the window and felt on top of the world (in a very literal sense).
  6. Tropical Islands Resort. Or as i now refer to it, The Dome. It is essentially a water park indoors. I did not enjoy, but you might. I just felt like i was in a dome, and it was quite cold and there were queues.
  7. Eat out. Just wander along the street and pick a CurryWurst restaurant. I have never eaten so many sausages but never did i realize how different sausages could taste. Really delicious, i cannot pinpoint a favourite but i’m sure you’ll come across a fair few.
  8. Go to a gig at C Club (Columbia Theater). Check up if there is anyone you like playing while your staying in the city. We got to see Kelis, who actually provided no milkshakes.
  9. Berlin Zoo. I have never been to an inner city zoo before. So much so, there are Elephants and you can see big towers behind them, it is quite strange. There’s also an aquarium.
  10. See an exhibition at Martin-Gropius-BauIf there isn’t enough art on the streets for you maybe have a look in this hip gallery. There was a David Bowie exhibition on while i was there, now if that is setting the tone i’m sure there will be lots of out of this world exhibitions to follow.


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