My world used to

stretch from my bedroom

to the furthest place I’d been

(the moon)


Cartoons, plastic animals, made up games.

Making mud cakes took at least a day.

New inventions to be made,

all we needed was an idea and a spade


Having fun was number one

the world was a soft play,

 a happy day,

when we were young.


Nottingham Wetherspoons

Nearly quarter to 4


sitting around in

make shift homes.


Buying food for

the right to use the loo.

Freshen up with

2 sprays of deodorant.


Been awake for 2 days

both of them haze.

Craving comfort:

  • bed
  • privacy
  • a cup of tea for less than £1.30


Nothing is your own

when you spend you days

completely on show.



10 Things to do in Berlin

There is so much to see and do but if you’re going for a short trip here are some things that i squeezed into my 7-day-stay:

  1. The swimming pool in the river. Formally known as ‘Badeschiff’. Complete with beach bar and live music, It’s a definite must do. When I went it was freezing cold but hopefully you’ll be more lucky.
  2. Get on a Tour Bus and see the sites. I’d recommend one of the deals where you get to spend time in each place and hop on and off the bus of your own free will. This means you get a flavour of what there is and if you think there is more you want to explore in a certain area you know to visit it the next day.
  3. In the dark restaurant or ‘Unsicht-Bar’. Some people will think this is the coolest thing ever, some will think ‘why pay to sit in the dark’. Personally i thought it was brilliant. I experienced my food more and it was bloody delish (i ate with my hands, fearful that i would send my food flying if i used cutlery, yep it was that good.) At first it was really weird and a bit eerie, then when i relaxed into it, i loved the freedom of just being in the dark. It was also a laugh as i kept moving the bread and blaming my friend. Our waitress Sandy (cue us shouting ‘Oh Sandy where for art thou Sandy’) was super lovely as well.
  4. Berlin wall. Obviously. The city is now so far removed from that once so regimented, awful dictatorship,  it is beautiful to see all the urban art on the wall which represents freedom and equality.  The guards standing at Checkpoint Charlie are really canny too.
  5. The Berlin Tower restaurant. The ride up in the lift feels like what the elevator on Charlie and the Chocolate Factory looks like. Once your up there though its totally worth it. The view is spec-tac-u-larrrr. We got cocktails and looked out the window and felt on top of the world (in a very literal sense).
  6. Tropical Islands Resort. Or as i now refer to it, The Dome. It is essentially a water park indoors. I did not enjoy, but you might. I just felt like i was in a dome, and it was quite cold and there were queues.
  7. Eat out. Just wander along the street and pick a CurryWurst restaurant. I have never eaten so many sausages but never did i realize how different sausages could taste. Really delicious, i cannot pinpoint a favourite but i’m sure you’ll come across a fair few.
  8. Go to a gig at C Club (Columbia Theater). Check up if there is anyone you like playing while your staying in the city. We got to see Kelis, who actually provided no milkshakes.
  9. Berlin Zoo. I have never been to an inner city zoo before. So much so, there are Elephants and you can see big towers behind them, it is quite strange. There’s also an aquarium.
  10. See an exhibition at Martin-Gropius-BauIf there isn’t enough art on the streets for you maybe have a look in this hip gallery. There was a David Bowie exhibition on while i was there, now if that is setting the tone i’m sure there will be lots of out of this world exhibitions to follow.


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Star sheets & New York Poets

Go outside,

yoga & bike rides     in the sun

or by the lake, learning from the lush breeze.

The smell of wet hay & smoke as your bike wheels skid on the leaves.

Above us  evergreens and bare branches      fall in love.

Your dragon breath, like a new mist.

We kiss

& read books about young love & New York Poets

Who smoke cigarettes & eat waffles stacked with jam & maple syrup.

Who only see the night time,

the star sheets & the high rise.



10 Reasons to Be Happy

  1. The sky. It’s a constant show, it changes from light to dark, clear to foggy. The elements play in it. It can be scary, it can be sunny, it can make or break a day, but it always changes, and there is always a calm after the storm. Just like our minds, the sky is influenced, we just need to sit out the storm, make the best of it, get out the candles, blankets and crayons and wait for the sun to shine.
  2. Food. Yes sometimes life can be so sad and grim that even the comfort of food is lost on us. But to be honest, the thought of food is sometimes enough to give me enough hope in the day. Making food can be such a positive and fun thing to do… plus there’s always a treat at the end, unless your a shit cook of course, in that case maybe just order a takeaway?
  3. FILMS. Oh my goodness, whats more enthralling than getting lost in the world of films. You can go anywhere. My personal faves are Harry Potters, Shrek’s and i always have time for ‘The Holiday’.
  4. There’s always this moment. This moment now, you are reading this, here we both are connected in pixel time. Isn’t it magic? Breath and look around, go for a walk or listen to some music, we are here!
  5. Because you are trying. That is enough reason to be happy. if you are reading this, if you are feeling unhappy, there is a reason, and you are obviously trying your very best to work on it, isn’t that a reason to be happy? You care. You feel. And mate, you can.
  6. We can dream. Wow. How amazing, when you really think about it, is dreaming? As odd, scary or fun your dream is, it’s like a little magic movie inside your head. I can’t believe we evolved into creatures, from little specs of whatever we were before monkeys, that can have such vivid images in our minds.
  7. One day the sun might shine, you might go for a walk in the wild and smell the flowers, blow dandelions and watch the seeds scatter. You might have a BBQ, or a picnic and old fashioned lemonade. You might listen to Otis Redding and watch the clouds in the sky pass over the sun, giving you moments of cool breeze.
  8. Christmas. Winter. Snow. Cosying up. Even memories of it, the season where their is an excuse for saying how you feel, for getting drunk at office parties and kissing Scott from floor 2. Magic exists at Christmas.
  9. Being born. Already we are blessed to be that lucky little egg that just so happened to get born-ed instead of the others. How lucky are we man? We are the chosen egg! We get to experience life, no matter what shape, flavour, smell our life is, know we have the power to change it, and mostly that we can create it ourselves. We are the strong eggs guys, don’t ever forget it.
  10. LOVE. I am lucky to have a family that loves me, so so lucky, i wish it for everyone. If you are loved, wow, how amazing is it that people care so much about you that they just want to protect you and make you happy? If you don’t feel loved. I love you. You have the capacity to love, and i wish for you that you find it. Please don’t lose hope, you are loveable. Love is just lush isn’t it.

Film Review: Mary and Max.

Director: Adam Elliot

Genre: Tragicomedy

DVD release: Jan 24, 2011

Rated: G

Rating: 4 stars

Mary and Max is a wonderfully strange little film created by Oscar winning, short film maker: Adam Elliot. The underrated tale has won over cult audiences with its intensely rich character studies and majorly profound plot. It is not the kind of animation you watch to forget your troubles… well I suppose Bambi isn’t either. However, this startlingly inventive piece of clay animation is a dark, heart-warming and poignant must-see.

The film spans 20 years of life, observing an out of the ordinary, pen pal relationship between: Awkward, 8 year old school girl, Mary Dinkle from Melbourne, Australia and Max Horowitz: an obese 44 year old, Asperger’s sufferer,  living in New York city. The story is told solely via narrated letters between the peculiar pair. The two may look very different on the outside, but their shared love of children’s TV show; The Noblets, immense amounts of chocolate and ultimately their isolation, renders the relationship one of extreme depth and significance. It is actually this one relationship that manages to sustain them throughout their otherwise bleak lives.

Mary lives with her reclusive father who spends his life in the shed, and her self-medicating mother, both of which seem to forget she exists. The innocence of Mary is striking and beautiful given her home situation, and it comes to life in her drawings and unanswered questions: ‘where do babies come from?’ ‘What is sexing?’ Her relationship with Max begins when she picks a name and address from the yellow pages at random, and sends a letter…

Max Horowitz, whose only former social interactions are: attending fat fighters and his mad, blind neighbour bringing him pie, (filled with miscellaneous ingredients) one day of the week, is so surprised on finding Mary’s letter, that he has a panic attack and eats around 7 chocolate hotdogs.

Mary and Max tackles huge issues, such as: neglect, mental illness, learning difficulties, addiction, grief and loneliness with impeccable humour, respectable sensitivity and an unwavering sense of authenticity. The heart and soul of the film is the detail in which Elliot has mapped out who the characters are, their likes and dislikes, and their relationship with the world around them. The intricate and elaborate world is a masterpiece, everything from Max’s plastic figurine Noblet collection (found in cereal boxes), to Mary’s birthmark that she thinks looks like poo.  All of these details help us build a sense of empathy and form a deeper bond with the characters. Despite being made of clay, it is difficult not to fall in love with the exposure of these two profound characters weaknesses, and their innocence to a world that has been so cruel to them. Not your regular love story, Mary and Max illustrates love without an image, love of a soul and finding peace in knowing that there is someone out there, whether they be fat, thin, male, female, 8 or 48,  who actually wants to understand.

FYI: A chocolate hotdog is literally a chocolate hotdog.

AND: A Noblet is a little green cartoon character.