10 Reasons to Be Happy

  1. The sky. It’s a constant show, it changes from light to dark, clear to foggy. The elements play in it. It can be scary, it can be sunny, it can make or break a day, but it always changes, and there is always a calm after the storm. Just like our minds, the sky is influenced, we just need to sit out the storm, make the best of it, get out the candles, blankets and crayons and wait for the sun to shine.
  2. Food. Yes sometimes life can be so sad and grim that even the comfort of food is lost on us. But to be honest, the thought of food is sometimes enough to give me enough hope in the day. Making food can be such a positive and fun thing to do… plus there’s always a treat at the end, unless your a shit cook of course, in that case maybe just order a takeaway?
  3. FILMS. Oh my goodness, whats more enthralling than getting lost in the world of films. You can go anywhere. My personal faves are Harry Potters, Shrek’s and i always have time for ‘The Holiday’.
  4. There’s always this moment. This moment now, you are reading this, here we both are connected in pixel time. Isn’t it magic? Breath and look around, go for a walk or listen to some music, we are here!
  5. Because you are trying. That is enough reason to be happy. if you are reading this, if you are feeling unhappy, there is a reason, and you are obviously trying your very best to work on it, isn’t that a reason to be happy? You care. You feel. And mate, you can.
  6. We can dream. Wow. How amazing, when you really think about it, is dreaming? As odd, scary or fun your dream is, it’s like a little magic movie inside your head. I can’t believe we evolved into creatures, from little specs of whatever we were before monkeys, that can have such vivid images in our minds.
  7. One day the sun might shine, you might go for a walk in the wild and smell the flowers, blow dandelions and watch the seeds scatter. You might have a BBQ, or a picnic and old fashioned lemonade. You might listen to Otis Redding and watch the clouds in the sky pass over the sun, giving you moments of cool breeze.
  8. Christmas. Winter. Snow. Cosying up. Even memories of it, the season where their is an excuse for saying how you feel, for getting drunk at office parties and kissing Scott from floor 2. Magic exists at Christmas.
  9. Being born. Already we are blessed to be that lucky little egg that just so happened to get born-ed instead of the others. How lucky are we man? We are the chosen egg! We get to experience life, no matter what shape, flavour, smell our life is, know we have the power to change it, and mostly that we can create it ourselves. We are the strong eggs guys, don’t ever forget it.
  10. LOVE. I am lucky to have a family that loves me, so so lucky, i wish it for everyone. If you are loved, wow, how amazing is it that people care so much about you that they just want to protect you and make you happy? If you don’t feel loved. I love you. You have the capacity to love, and i wish for you that you find it. Please don’t lose hope, you are loveable. Love is just lush isn’t it.

🌱 Day at Dilston physic garden 🌱

Location: Corbridge (North East)

Price: £4 (£3 consessions)

Open: Wednesday and Saturday 

Worth a visit: Whey aye 


I had never heard of this little sanctuary before it popped up on my daily groupon deals. I went with my sister, grandma and mother on sunny Saturday gone and completely fell in love with the zen vibe of the place.
On entry a whimsical looking lady appeared to give us a lamented guide and inform us that the next batch of tea was going to be brewed up soon! We meandered around the gardens, reading the charming plaques listing different plants, their uses and any folklore stories on them.

The plants themselves were magnificent, and it was enchanting learning all the different uses of herbs and shrubs which we so often take for granted. I certainly felt inspired to cultivate and use plants for all their goodness more: (Place lavender under your pillow for plenty of zzz’s and to add flavour to a bland fruit tea)! Adorning the magical walkways were beautiful ornaments of buddhas, deers and fairies which made it feel like we were walking in a little wonderland.  

Some hilight’s were: laying on the  camomile lawn and listening to nature,  being big kids and playing a human sized game of snakes and ladders, banging the gong, the tree swing and sitting on the time on the sun dial. There was a children’s play area with giant chess, bouncy mushrooms and various toys which would keep children entertained for a while (and the big kids). Accessibility-wise the terrain is rather bumpy and the hill upto the garden quite steep, there are no stairs but some areas may be difficult to acsess for those with mobility problems. 


I would recccomend taking a little picnic and sitting around the mind, spirit, soul lake. The garden is open on both a Wednesday and a Saturday and it is worth checking the website to find out about the various courses, classes and drop in’s they do. A visit to the shop which is brim full of useful herb concoctions and balms is sure to satisfy even the most reluctant shopper, as I think it is difficult not to be charmed by the fact the shop is not monitered and you have to pay via an honesty box.

One of my favourite parts of the garden was the spirit henge. Each was to signify a different belief/religion e.g. Christianity, wiccan, buddhist. It was created to illustrate how all can stand together in harmony. I think this sign of goodwill and togetherness sums up the whole garden for me. The place is a paradise with good intentions, to educate, not discriminate and to bring people together, and heal them, through the power of our beautiful little pals, PLANTS! 🌱


In 10 years you won’t care if:


In today’s image focused world, it can be hard to see past the big, red, ‘Rudolf’s nose’ boil sprouting under your skin/ Perfect hour-glass women like sirens on the covers of glossy magazines flashing: ‘BUY ME NOT THE PACK OF CHOCCIE BUTTONS!’ and not to mention, picture perfect snaps people upload onto social networking sites, sepia-toned here, contrast-up there: making their lives seem like a Insta-dream!
Although these seem like silly light-hearted things, they can add up, making our bad day seem like the end of the world. It can truly be a recipe for disaster. Even though we don’t want to believe it, there is still a strong class divide in the country. Some kids just don’t get. Now imagine a child casually flicking through one of their school-mates pictures, seeing them on various holidays, new clothes every week, the latest gadgets. How is that going to make them feel? If their having a bad time at home, and they see happy family photos glooming over them, the pangs of jealousy are bound to well up. This is modern-day oppression, and it seems like there’s nothing we can do about it.
I can only say this: don’t believe everything you see. People are very deep things. No-one is likely to admit their having a bit of a crap time; no-one’s going to broadcast their sadness. When someone posts: ‘HAVING AN AMAZE TIME AT (wherever) WITH (whoever) (Insert smiley photograph)’ Why are they bothering to go onto their phone if they’re having such a great time? Those who are constantly posting what they’re doing/ where they’re going, pictures of meals they’re about to eat, are actually revealing a need for approval. In some cases it seems they need people to think their having a brilliant time, that for them social acceptance is everything! This is the reason I don’t have Facebook, I cannot stand this continuous self promotion. But unfortunately we all buy into it, no matter how opposed to it (cough cough) we pretend to be. I am guilty of the occasional drunk post. It really makes you wonder what cognitive process is going on in our heads if we seem to gravitate towards publicising our every move after a few bevvies.
But we need to try and remember that: in 10 years you won’t care, if:

  • You looked crap on photos from nights out.
  • If you had hairy underarms!
  • How many likes your selfie got on instagram.
  • If your hair was a little bit greasy towards the end of the week.
  • If you had the latest IPhone.
  • If your Facebook page made you look interesting.
  • If you had Cara Deleveinge eyebrows.
  • That you couldn’t afford what was in Topshop.
  • If your flicks weren’t even.
  • You won’t even care if your belly popped over your bikini in holiday snaps!

The only thing that will matter is that you had loads of fun, were true to yourself and made your family proud. Do something out of your comfort zone, volunteer and help others, these things will make you beautiful inside. I’m not saying it’s not nice to look nice (it can make you feel nice!), just that there are more important things, like love, laughter and friendship. The best advice I can give is to live for others, to do for others, and then you yourself will be happy!

PS. A great bit of advice that my dad often grounds me with when I talk of all the things I want to do, is: ‘Tell me when you’ve started it’. So here you go, start today: https://do-it.org/