My world used to

stretch from my bedroom

to the furthest place I’d been

(the moon)


Cartoons, plastic animals, made up games.

Making mud cakes took at least a day.

New inventions to be made,

all we needed was an idea and a spade


Having fun was number one

the world was a soft play,

 a happy day,

when we were young.


Nottingham Wetherspoons

Nearly quarter to 4


sitting around in

make shift homes.


Buying food for

the right to use the loo.

Freshen up with

2 sprays of deodorant.


Been awake for 2 days

both of them haze.

Craving comfort:

  • bed
  • privacy
  • a cup of tea for less than £1.30


Nothing is your own

when you spend you days

completely on show.



Star sheets & New York Poets

Go outside,

yoga & bike rides     in the sun

or by the lake, learning from the lush breeze.

The smell of wet hay & smoke as your bike wheels skid on the leaves.

Above us  evergreens and bare branches      fall in love.

Your dragon breath, like a new mist.

We kiss

& read books about young love & New York Poets

Who smoke cigarettes & eat waffles stacked with jam & maple syrup.

Who only see the night time,

the star sheets & the high rise.



Domestic abuse, awareness and recent developments in dealing with cases…. 

 Okay so I want to start by saying that I am so glad this issue is getting a lot of media coverage recently. The brave souls who are valiantly retelling stories they’d probably rather forget, for the sake of helping others is inspiring.

Finally, FINALLY the issue is being taken seriously and there have been some massive steps forward in tackling the issue:

  • It is now against the law, and a sentancable offense to abuse your partner (emotionally, physically, financially).
  • Police are trained to notice signs of abuse and we no longer think we should “mind your own, it’s a domestic.”
  • People are talking about the issue more and more, making those suffering feel less (in some cases) scared to seek help.
  • Soaps are covering abuse in all it’s forms and from men and women.

This is all a wonderful and yes a big step forward. However, I have also noticed some things that may not be helping to liberate victims:

  •  I recently noticed on a school newsletter there was info on the school councillor and then a disclaimer that if the child mentions domestic violence of any sort, they would liaslize with the local police.
  • Talking therapies have to ask wether patients are suffering any abuse, as if so they would have to refer them to another service.

To me it appears that finding out if someone is in an abusive relationship has become another tick in a box. What if a child is petrefied of getting their parent locked up (as you can imagine they would be, conflicted, confused and scared) but seriously needs to talk? Is that not putting the child in another situation out of their control, pressuring them that if they want to chat about it, they’ll have to get the coppers in as well? What if someone doesn’t have the courage to go to the police yet, if they just need to talk about it, slowly realise their worth and leave on their own grounds?

I know abuse can be life threatening so I understand the reasons behind this new police forward motive, it’s just that I think it has the potential to put victims off coming forward more than anything else. If it comes to it, they’ll ring the police themselves, yet it is often the last thing they want to do (partners and sufferers may still have feelings for their partner and regardless of the abuse it is a hard thing to do, turning your partner in) so why cut off the life line of a CONFIDENTIAL ear in the form of councelling etc?

It doesn’t make it easier or safer for victims and crucially I don’t think the new motive is helping to get anyone out of their situation. In my eyes it protects the goverment, schools and councillors more than the victims. I would be very interested to know other peoples opinions.  People who are being abused often feel like they have no control of their lives because of their partner, who is the goverment to further remove the liberty of the way they choose to deal with this unthinkable situation?


Time takes / takes time 

Sitting in my box room

Listening to the strokes and watching the moon

Wondering if you’re looking at it too.

(It takes time)

Love is like learning an instrument,

You have to practice or you will forget

And if you don’t pick me up tonight at 6, you might have to try extra hard next week.

(Time takes it.)

Fable therapy 🌙

Hello there pixel world. Recently I’ve been trying to help someone (who I love dearly) to get out of their severe rut and negative state of mind. It is hard for some people to accept help, to accept even that they may need help and something I discovered today seemed to be the best technique I’ve tried yet.

I told a story about a little rabbit, it went a little like this:

Once upon a time, there a little rabbit, who was trying to cross a great, dark, endless lake. The rabbit kept trying to dig under the lake, but it was too deep and he was tiring himself terribly. 

Along came a russet red squirrel with a smile. He said to the rabbit, why don’t you try another way? 

And so the rabbit tried to go around the lake, but it winded far into the deep dark wood. The squirrel happened to be feeding on a near by tree, he spotted the rabbit who was frozen with frustration and fear: why don’t you try another way?

So the rabbit tried swimming over the moon dappled lake. He reached the other side! He tried a different way, instead of doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result.  And so whenever the rabbit came to an obstacle… he knew there was a way around (over or under) it.


Of course the story was more personal, the rabbit having the same problems as the person. And as I set out the scenario, they would tell me things they felt, which I had missed before or they hadn’t felt comfortable to say. Using the rabbit as a means for projection, it felt less like an intrusive conversation and more like a creative process. A process which, unlike a lot of other conversations that end with no conclusion, seemed to demand one. I mean, a story needs an ending! It made finding a solution, albeit a distant one, seem a whole lot more possible. In seemingly hopeless situations that means a lot, so yep, I found this technique was a very positive one worth sharing…

Afterwards I felt such a flush of hope, and it pinged in my head FABLE THERAPY! I mean, it probably already exists in some form, but today I am excited! I feel sort of inspired to write a collection of fables dealing with different life/moral/mental health dilemmas, ahhh but that’s a story for another day.

Jolly well, happy sleeping! 

Oh and happy Beltane, or first of May 🙂